Surfs Up!

I guess you could say I like being active outdoors. In addition to snowboarding I enjoy mountain biking, rollerblading, wake-boarding, jet-skiing, paddle-boarding and many others. I dabbled with long-boarding a few times, but the severe road rash I received has made me a tad apprehensive about it. I definitely need extra practice before I hit the hills again. This summer I am very interested in learning how to surf. I spend a lot of time down the cape and he past few summers I worked as a waitress there. I plan on doing a litle research on where the best places to learn are. Let me know if you have any recommendations!


surfboard, surfboard, grain and all that wood…


Life of a Boarder Mashup

As I noted in my previous blog posts, New England is my home. This video showcases my experiences this year at different ski resorts in New England. I was blessed enough to get to spend time on the slopes with my dad, cousins, and friends. It was a very successful season.

I also picked a background song that is one of my favorite to listen to while I board.
Closer to the sun-Slightly Stoopid

Why did I choose this topic?

Many college students enjoy snowboarding just like I do. My blog is unique because I incorporate my own personal experiences and opinions into the topics I choose to write about. Although I am not a professional, I am an experienced snowboarder and have been involved in snowboarding for over ten years.


I have spent my entire life in New England. My father is an expert skier and he first put me on skis when I was 3. The earlier you start the better because you are fearless at a young age. It was much easier for me to learn to ski so young than it was for me to learn to snowboard when I got older. Skiing and snowboarding have become a passion of mine and snowboarding is by far my favorite hobby. I could not imagine my life without the sport.


I grew up going up north every winter with my family. New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont are my favorite places to be throughout the winter season. I’d rather go on vacation to the mountains than any tropical place. I know a lot of people who are the exact opposite, but there is something about the mountains that does it for me. I have always had good experiences and it makes me smile just thinking about the trips I have had in the past. Good company, awesome riding, and a lot of laughs are the perfect recipe for a trip to the mountains.


I am so lucky that I have friends that enjoy it like I do. We are constantly going on day trips to New Hampshire or renting condos on the mountain for the weekend. Those are always highlights of my winters. Over the past few seasons I taught two of my friends how to snowboard. It is tough to teach someone but I ended up being successful. It takes a lot of patience to teach someone and it made me think about how hard it was to actually learn.


In conclusion to this overview of my blog, I hope I have the privilege to snowboard for the rest of my life. It is an activity that brings so much joy and fun to my life. There is nothing better that being with friends and having a nice day of shredding. With that being said, I cannot wait until next winter!

Slopestyle Snowboarding

Snowboarding became an Olympic event in 1998, so its Olympic history is rather short. This year, in Sochi, Slopestyle Snowboarding officially became an Olympic event for the first time. Slopestyle snowboarding is a downhill event that incorporates obstacles including big air and rails. Snowboarders incorporate their personal style into doing the hardest acrobatic aerial tricks for the highest score. Slopestyle has been a staple event in the Winter X Games.


The scoring is based off of amplitude, difficulty, and execution. Harder tricks that are executed with control and style earn more points. Here is an example of what a slopestyle course looks like:





USA’s Sage Kotsenburg won the first Olympic gold medal of the 2014 Sochi Olympics as well as the first-ever gold medal in the Slopestyle disciple. He had an incredible run and scored a 93.50. He was creative and stylish with his grabs and rotations. He also pulled out a new trick he had never done before on his last jump (backside 1620 Japan grab). That new trick wowed the judges for sure. Here is the video of his gold medal run below:




“I dropped in, no stress, just having fun and doing stuff I normally do. And it ended up working out,” The 20 year old from Park City said after his victory. I found this quote awesome. It really shows how much fun these snowboarders are having. They are doing what they love with their friends and I think this quote all encompasses that philosophy snowboarders have. Even on the most competitive stage they have a great attitude about the sport.


USA’s Lake Tahoe native Jamie Anderson also won gold in the Women’s Slopestyle competition. Anderson is one of the top slopestyle riders in the business. In the slopestyle disciplines’ first Olympics, USA took home both gold medals.


I thoroughly enjoy watching this even and am so glad it is in the Olympics from now on.


Happy Spring!

Although my season is over due to injury, most skiers and snowboarders are embracing the spring riding. It is a whole different world. The snow is more wet and much different thank riding on hard packed powder. Everyone gets to switch from wearing multiple layers or warm clothing and goggles to t-shirts and sunglasses. Riders are no longer battling the cold temperatures which makes the experience that much more fun. Depending on the amount of snow, most mountains stay open through April. 


There are many other pros involved in spring skiing besides the warm weather. The biggest one for me, being a college student, is the price drop. Generally speaking, for a full day lift ticket you will pay around $60-$90. In the spring, that price drops significantly and most mountains have deals running throughout the spring. For instance at Sunday River in Maine, a lift ticked is usually $87 and this spring the price drops to $39 for an adult and $29 for college students. Sunday River currently still has a 36’’ snow base and 70/135 trails open. That is plenty of terrain to enjoy in the sun.  At Bretton Woods, in New Hampshire, they are having a deal on Patriot’s day. You can get a lift ticket for $17.76. New England has numerous mountains that allow you to experience spring riding and skiing.




In Vermont, Jay Peak has every trail still open. This is due to the 30’’ of snow they got late in late March. 


Some mountains have events that allow people to celebrate the beautiful spring weather, like pond skimming. Okemo, located in Ludlow, Vermont, just recently held a competition. This involves competitors to ski or ride across a man made pond. The judging is based on how far you get and the style you incorporate into your ride. 






The key to pond skimming is to make sure you keep the tip of your board or skis up. Otherwise you will do an immediate nosedive.






All in all, it is never a bad time at the mountain and these events make the Après ski all the more fun. For those of you beginners who are not familiar with that terminology, Après ski is french for “after ski.”  It means going out to socialize, have drinks, and fun after a day on the slopes. 



I hope everyone enjoys spring riding!





A Recap of My Season

When spring comes it is bitter-sweet for me. I cannot wait to get back on the mountains next season. This was one of the best winters I have had in a long time. The riding conditions in New England did not let me down once. I had countless fresh powder days this year. Every time I planned on going up north there was fresh snowfall and I rarely ran into high winds. The wind can make or break a day of riding. Also, in New England it is usually a battle with the icy conditions. I actually own a sweatshirt that says that.


This year my favorite mountain that I rode was Bretton Woods. Located in New Hampshire, it is part of the Mount Washington Resort. This mountain has 62 trails, 10 lifts, and over 30 trails of glades. The glades are what sealed the deal for me. I have never rode better glades in New England. This ungroomed territory is where I spent most of my time at Bretton Woods.


There are so many beautiful groomed trails on the mountain for beginners as well, but I like the challenge of riding a difficult trail.


This year at Bretton Woods, I jumped into the singles lift line so I could get on the lift faster. I met a few snowboarders and we started talking. It’s always fun meeting cool people on the lifts. One of them told be about this application called ‘Ski Tracks.’ I always have had a speedometer on my phone to track my speed, but this was ten times better. In addition to speed, it tracks each accent, decent, number of runs, miles traveled, and duration of time passed. This is a screenshot of part of my day snowboarding.


Since downloading this app, I have recommended it to many of my fellow skiers and boarders. It can also be used for snowmobiling, sledding, and cross-country skiing.

Another amazing experience I had this year was at Okemo Mountain Resort, in Vermont. I am not very familiar with this mountain and it was my first time snowboarding there in about five years. This Mountain has over 100 trails. I traveled to Vermont with a friend of mine and he knew someone who works as a ski patrol on the mountain. We linked up with him and he showed us the way around the mountain. It is part of his job to know every trail and this was very beneficial to us. I did not even have to think about where to go. I was able to follow someone the whole time. That made the experience so much better. He also inspired me to look into becoming a ski patrol next year. Now I just have to start studying the names and locations of over 100 trails!

In addition to Bretton Woods and Okemo, I snowboarded at, Loon Mountain, Waterville Valley, Stowe Mountain, Shawnee Peak, Wachusett, Sunday River, and Killington.